The Draft Bernie for a People’s Party campaign aims to channel the energy and unity generated by the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign into building a lasting, progressive party — one that can effectively compete for power and help build a much more democratic society in which government truly represents the people.

People for a Working Democracy is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Michigan, dedicated to social welfare by strengthening democracy.

The increasing political divisiveness in the US is due in large part to the perception that the current political system does not work for the common people.  Many perceive that the government is preoccupied mainly with serving the needs of large business and special interests, which provide large sums of money to the two major political parties and to politicians in order to advance their priorities.

This perception discourages people from participating, which further strengthens the influence of large money in politics, in a downward spiral of alienation and hopelessness in our democracy.

Bernie Sanders and others who participated in the 2016 presidential election energized and mobilized millions into becoming involved in the democratic process.  Senator Sanders’ campaign was successful in proposing and advancing policies and initiatives that enhance health, education and wellbeing. In addition, the campaign was funded by grassroots donations, sidestepping the potential conflicts of interest that often arise when politicians fund their campaigns through large donors and corporate money.

A working democracy requires an informed and involved citizenry.  We support initiatives that encourage debate and broaden citizen participation.

The Draft Bernie for a People’s Party campaign is an initiative of the legal entity People for a Working Democracy.