National Organizing Call – 10/19/17

On this week’s call, Nick discussed the fall meeting of the DNC and their purging of progressives and appointing lobbyists. This gives us an opportunity to go on social media to remind people again that the Democratic Party’s topdown structure and dependence on corporate money make the creation of a major new party even more imperative. Share, post, tweet, and retweet away this weekend!

Carolyn discussed her planned coalition event around voter suppression and Daniel told us about his experiences at his local Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)  meeting. Make a plan this week to go to an Our Revolution (OR)  or DSA meeting in your area and make some friends.

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National Organizing Call – 10/12/17

This week, we rolled out our Coalition Building Guide to help us identify and contact groups in your area who might be interested in joining our coalition.   It is chock full of useful information to help us carry out the new phase of our movement!  You can check out the coalition guide below the audio player, or right click here to save it to your computer.

On the call, Nick discussed our current political climate and why it important to build a true populist coalition to promote our policies. Lezlie and Eve discussed approaching Our Revolution chapters in their areas, Daniel outlined some tips for organizing and coalition building, and Carol talked about attending and talking to people at conferences.

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Coalition Building Guide

Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 10-5-17

On the call, we talked about everyone’s contributions to a people’s party platform of principles. Between thoughts expressed on last week’s epic conference call and ideas emailed to us this week, we’ve received well over 100 suggestions! Continue sending them in.

Our next phase of the movement for a people’s party is coalition building. Everyone can participate in this activity. We are finalizing a Coalition Building Guide to help you become professionals in building coalitions. In addition, we have put together a guide for establishing connections and practicing political persuasion.

As we begin our coalition building phase, we’ll need more leaders to organize and train volunteers. Let us know if you’d like to sign on!  Thank you for joining us as we begin our movement for a progressive party that serves the interests of the people.

Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 9/28/17

On Thursday, September 28, we had our 29th weekly call. As we go into the next phase of organizing, coalition building toward a people’s party, Gallup is reporting the highest numbers yet, 61% of people in favor of a new political party.

We have the momentum to follow in the steps of other movements like the UK’s Labour Party to return to our populist roots away from the destructive neoliberals. The brainstorming session that took place on this call provided a good start on a name and statement of principles for this next phase of our movement.  Stay tuned… this is getting very exciting!

The call was long so we’ve broken the recording into two parts. Be sure to listen to both.

Part One:

Part Two:

A New Party, With or Without Bernie – Huffington Post – 9/21/17

Whether or not Bernie joins the effort, progressives are ready for a new party that will truly represent them, rather than pay them lip service like the corporate Democrats have been doing for years.

Read Gail McGowan Mellor’s complete article at the Huffington Post.

Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 9/21/17

Listen to our 28th weekly national conference call as we explain our next phase of our movement:  coalition building! Results of the People’s Convergence Conference in Washington, DC, Sept. 8 – 10, revealed almost unanimous agreement that we need a people’s party free of corporate control, and that no single existing organization is capable of seriously challenging the establishment parties. Therefore, the existing progressive groups need to build a coalition people’s party that will stand together as a voting bloc against the duopoly.

Steps to coalition building include identifying local progressive allies and holding discussions with them. Specific groups to target are local unions, campus and student groups, and political groups. In addition, progressive meetings can be centered around important local issues, such as convicted felons of nonviolent crimes losing their right to vote in Florida, Audit AZ, a group in Arizona battling election fraud, and fracking in local neighborhoods in Colorado. The national team will have resources and materials available to help you including templates, scripts, and training videos.

Join us as we begin coalition building! Network with local groups, establish trust, and work together for our common goal – a people’s party free of corporate control.

Sanders Supporters Committed to New Party Even Without Bernie – IVN – 9/18/17

Coverage of The People’s Convergence Conference, Draft Bernie Town Hall and the Draft Bernie movement.

Read the article at


Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 9/14/17

The national conference call on Thursday, Sept., 14 was our 27th weekly call! We are proud to announce that the People’s Convergence Conference was a great success! We began on Friday with the rally on the National Mall followed by the trek to the Dirksen Senate Office Building where we crammed into Bernie’s office and spilled out into the hallway. Nick presented the 50,000 petition signatures to his staffers. Jimmy Dore and Tim Black joined in with rousing talks about the need for Bernie to join us. The Jimmy Dore Show Live capped the evening along with his guests Tim Black and Lee Camp.

The Saturday night Draft Bernie Town Hall proved to be the high point of the entire Convergence Conference. Over 400 attendees were inspired by the words of Dr. Cornel West, Kshama Sawant, Nick Brana and Jimmy Dore who all led us to the urgent conclusion that we must have a people’s party that is free of corporate control. We need to forge a movement where progressive groups converge to form a voting block that will assure success for a people’s party!

We’ll continue to have regional organizing meetings and conference calls to discuss next steps about forming a new coalition-based party. Stay tuned!