Video Guide


There are few things more powerful than real people expressing their thoughts so that can others can see and feel them. This is part of the reason we’re asking DraftBernie supporters to make a short video (about 3 minutes max) making your best case for why you support building new party, which lead  Bernie. We plan to add the best of these videos to the DraftBernie website and our YouTube channel.

Creating your Why I Support DraftBernie video

1) Tell us your name and what city/state you live in. You don’t have to include your last name if you don’t want.
2) You can mention what party you were in and how long, as well as why you no longer are member or supporter of that party. If you we’re involved in the party beyond voting you can talk about this too.
3) Tell viewers, including Senator Sanders, why you support a new party.
4) Invite others to do so.

Some tips on making your video:

  • Choose a space with a nice background that is well-lit enough for you to be seen clearly. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, however the less visual distractions behind you, the better.
  • IMPORTANT: Before you start recording, please make sure to hold your camera horizontally (also called landscape mode) so that the video will cover the expanse of the video screen,  rather than recording in the more slim vertical orientation.
  • Please be sure you can be heard on the video. If you’re outside, for example, please be close enough so that the microphone on whatever device you’re using can pick up your voice and less of any ambient noise.
  • Please be sure to not include music in your video. YouTube, Facebook may not  videos with music in them.
  • Videos recorded on your camera, phone or computer are ok.
  • Since this is a video you might share with friends and family, talk as if you’re speaking to them about DraftBernie.
  • If you’re canvassing and want to make a video that includes someone you’re speaking with, make sure to get their permission to include them beforehand. You might also video them giving their approval after they’ve agreed off-camera.

How to share your video with us

The best to share your video is to upload your video to YouTube and then send us the link to your video to  You can also use a send them to us via at the same address.