Month: July 2017

Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 7/27/17

Listen to our guest speaker, Bernie DNC delegate Paul Sasso, on the one-year anniversary of the rigged DNC. Paul talks about his experiences driving his Tesla Bern Machine around the country during the primary and attending the convention in Philadelphia where Hillary delegates were treated like royalty while Bernie delegates were shut down.  He ended…

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Ralph Nader discusses the Draft Bernie movement with Nick Brana – 7/15/17

Ralph Nader discussed the Draft Bernie movement with Nick Brana on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Consumer rights champion and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader was impressed by our briefing for Bernie and invited Nick to discuss forming a people’s party on his radio show.

Nina Turner interviews Nick Brana on The Real News Network – 7/21/17

Nina Turner interviews Nick Brana on the surging movement for a new people’s party. Our Revolution’s new president interviewed Nick Brana at the People’s Summit. The next day she told Jimmy Dore on air that she wants Bernie to start a new party!

Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 7/20/17

Summary of the call: Listen to Ralph Nader interview Nick about The Case for Draft Bernie. We need a people’s party as the donor class has picked as their Presidential candidate for 2020, Kamala Harris (D-CA), who as the CA Attorney General declined to investigate a bank that had violated thousands of foreclosure laws. This is…

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Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 7/13/17

Tonight we heard from two Draft Bernie field organizers. Jim Boydston, Regional leader in CA, former Bernie delegate at the DNC and opera singer, sang a Bernie version of a song from WWII. He also told his heartfelt story of why he supports DB. Then Mike Lucido, Regional leader in NY, spoke about two upcoming…

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Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 7/6/17

On tonight’s call we heard that the Democratic Party’s new slogan is “Democrats 2018 I mean, have you seen the other guys?” This is what exactly what happened in 2016, and they delivered Trump. Clearly, they have not learned that a platform geared to help working people is what is desperately needed, not the same…

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