Bernie, Let’s Get
This Party Started!

Bernie Sanders inspired millions to imagine a better America. Now we’re asking him to join us in building a party for the future. Sign the petition and join this growing movement!

Dr. Cornel West officially joins the Draft Bernie campaign
Calls on Bernie Sanders and others to join in building a new party.
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Our Mission

The Draft Bernie for a People’s Party campaign aims to channel the enthusiasm generated by the Sanders campaign into building a new political party. This party will offer new progressive electoral choices and strive to enact the people-first platform that so many supported during the Sanders campaign.

Why Draft Bernie?

The Case for Starting Fresh

Despite monumental efforts to bring people into the Democratic Party, party affiliation is near historic lows and the number of independents is far larger than either major party. Incredibly, the Democratic Party is less popular than Trump and the Republican Party.

Polls show that the majority of Americans are not satisfied with the establishment parties and they’re calling for a major third party.

At a time when Americans are leaving the establishment parties, we shouldn’t be swimming against the progressive populist current in a fruitless attempt to reform the corporate party that created this mess. The people are leading the way to an independent alternative. What if instead of struggling against the current, we swam with them?

It’s time to reunite the voting groups that Sen. Bernie Sanders brought together during the presidential primary, groups that are practically begging to be assembled into a permanent working class party. Sanders’ campaign already built the coalition, all we have to do is give it a name.


people who have signed the petition to urge Bernie to help start the new party.
“Count me in. The time has come to bid farewell to a moribund party that lacks imagination, courage and gusto.”

Dr. Cornel West
Draft Bernie Endorser

“When people aren’t represented, new parties are born… We need to say to Bernie, ’It’s time to distance yourself from the Democrats and to start something new and we’re behind you to do that.”

Josh Fox
Draft Bernie Endorser