Our Mission

The Draft Bernie for a People’s Party campaign aims to channel the enthusiasm generated by the Sanders campaign and opposition to the Trump administration into building a new political party. This party will offer new progressive electoral choices and strive to enact the people-first platform that so many supported during the Sanders campaign.

Why Draft Bernie?

The Case for Starting Fresh

What if instead of swimming against the populist progressive current, we swam with it?

Despite monumental efforts to bring people into the Democratic Party, millions are leaving it as we speak. Gallup shows that since the election, a remarkable 14 million Democrats have become independents. So many people have left the Democratic Party that Republicans now outnumber Democrats in a progressive country. It’s time to reunite the voting groups that Sen. Bernie Sanders brought together during the presidential primary, groups that are practically begging to be assembled into a permanent working class party. Sanders’ campaign already built the coalition, all we have to do is give it a name.


Getting the Party Started

Together with his fellow congressional progressives and campaign surrogates, Bernie Sanders can be the founder of our people’s party.

“Hey, let’s all join Bernie as progressive independents. And while we’re at it, let’s all be independents under the same banner.”

Bernie is already an independent and he plans on remaining one. All we need now is for other congressional progressives to switch their party affiliation in unison. For them to say, “Hey, let’s all join Bernie as progressive independents. And while we’re at it, let’s all be independents under the same banner.”

The Founding Convention.

Imagine a founding convention and massive rally, broadcast to the country, where members could construct and sign the new platform. Next we place the platform online and open it to public signatures, as a huge national referendum for change.

For more about The Founding Convention, Growing the Party and Elections, see the full plan.


The two major parties in the U.S. are not able to offer representative choices that a majority of Americans can embrace. Roughly only half of the eligible voters went to the polls in the 2016 presidential election. Many of them voted against a candidate they disliked rather than for a candidate who inspired them. During his Democratic primary campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders energized millions, especially the young, to mobilize and get involved in politics.

We call on Bernie Sanders and others to organize a new political party.

We believe that a political revolution requires a party that represents working people. We call on Bernie Sanders and others to organize a new political party that is funded by the people, not special interests, and to continue the political revolution to make government work for all.

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Donate in two ways.

1. Pledge to Help Build a people’s party

Make a conditional donation to our new people’s party that will only go through if Bernie creates it.

Would you make a donation now, conditional on Bernie starting a new party? Pledges will only be charged to your credit card if we reach our goal.

Imagine a seed fund for the new party brimming with grassroots dollars. Think that’ll get the establishment’s attention?

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