Draft Bernie Town Hall Livestream and Founding of a People’s Party: Atlanta Chapter

Come to the Georgia Tech campus to watch the town hall about starting a progressive 3rd party featuring Nick Brana, Dr. Cornel West, Kshama Sawant, and hopefully Bernie Sanders! We will then discuss founding an Atlanta chapter of this new People’s Party. Please, please visit the event website to RSVP and for detailed directions to…

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Watch Draft Bernie Town Hall

Simultaneous LIVESTREAM of the Draft Bernie Town Hall from the People’s Convergence Conference in Washington DC. This sister gathering in Lexington will be our way of showing the establishment, the progressive movement, and Bernie how broad and deep the support for a new party runs. We hope you want to be part of a political…

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Draft Bernie Town Hall Watch Party: Shallotte, NC

Join us for a viewing of The People’s Convergence Conference’s Town Hall featuring Cornell West, Kshama Sawant, and DraftBernie founder Nick Brana, with a special invitation to Senator Bernie Sanders, moderated by Jimmy Dore of The Young Turks and The Jimmy Dore Show, for discussion on the potential formation of a new People’s Party!  The…

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Draft Bernie Town Hall Watch Party!

Come and watch Kshama Sawant, Dr. Cornel West and Nick Brana discuss the possibilities of creating a progressive 3rd Party at this live-stream viewing of the Draft Bernie Town Hall in Washington DC!

Drafting Bernie Sanders & Third Party Revolution – Watching the Hawks – RT – 9/8/2017

On this episode of Watching The Hawks, Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace invite Nick Brana, founder of the Draft Bernie for a People’s Party movement, to discuss third party politics and the People’s Convergence Conference.  

Spend Labor Day with Bernie in NH!!

Rights & Democracy Presents a Labor Day Celebration at Rollins Park with Bernie Sanders. Inviting ALL New England DB folks to attend, bring DB signage and send our 3rd party message to Bernie–face to face! Join RAD, Bernie, and other inspiring NH leaders for food, fun, music and a call to action to keep the…

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2018 U.S. Senate Election Campaign Booth – Bernie Sanders supporter

Seeking Nebraska Registered Voters, wanting to have more open choices than just the ‘party’ determined, corporate-owned candidates , for Ballot-access signatures. Petition for Douglas Whitmore’s Non-Party Affiliated (Independent) 2018 U.S. Senate Election.  I want to work with Bernie Sanders in the Senate. Draft Berners — please stop by my booth!

Draft Bernie Signature Gathering

Bring a clip board, signature sheets and pen if you can. Signature sheets are available at DraftBernie.org. We will have some extra sheets available. This event will take place at 200 N. Hill Street, Grand Park, Downtown L.A. from 3 – 5 pm Thurs. Aug. 17, on the Performance Lawn between Grand Ave and Hill Street.  Metro’s…

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A Movement of Beethoven for a People’s Party Movement

Come engage in the community-building act of playing or listening to music together while supporting the creation of a cohesive national progressive movement toward a third party. We will read music to suit the ability levels that present themselves and then listen to a talk by Dr. William Kildall, WA State Coordinator for DraftBernie for…

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