Draft Bernie

People’s Convergence Town Hall Sister Gathering

Our nation stands at a crossroads. In the words of Bernie Sanders, “We have won the battle of ideas,” and there is an awakening sense of purpose and possibility. A new generation is taking up the struggle for revolutionary change. Progressives Converge in Washington DC to discuss the future of our movement and the direction…

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Draft Bernie Town Hall Livestream and Founding of a People’s Party: Atlanta Chapter

Come watch a livestream of the Draft Bernie town hall featuring Jimmy Dore, Cornel West, Kshama Sawant, and hopefully Bernie Sanders. Afterwards, we will discuss founding an Atlanta chapter of the new People’s Party for the 99%!

Press Release: In Memory of Heather Heyer

  Last night we dedicated our state leads call to Heather Heyer, the compassionate young woman who was taken from us in Charlottesville. She lost her life in the same way that she lived it, opposing injustice and defending the human rights of others. Many supporters and friends of our movement were there. Dr. Cornel…

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Dump Ben and Jerry’s Protest – NYC, Chicago, LA, DC, Burlington, VT and Minneapolis

Come to Ben and Jerry’s 2722 Broadway, New York City to protest and have fun at the same time!   There will be costumes, ice cream, and media. We need people to wear costumes, hand out flyers, serve ice cream, take photos and video.  Please wear your DB t-shirt, pin, sticker, etc. and bring petitions!  Sponsored…

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Press Release: Announcing The People’s Convergence Conference and Draft Bernie Town Hall Featuring Dr. Cornel West and Kshama Sawant

For Immediate Release Aug. 2, 2017 Contact: Carol Ehrle | carol@draftbernie.org |  (248) 808-4200 WASHINGTON, D.C. — Progressives from around the country will gather in the nation’s capital Sept. 8-10 for The People’s Convergence Conference to discuss the central questions facing our movement: What will it take to defeat the right wing and build a powerful…

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Bernstorm #3 Draft Bernie NC!

We have a lot to talk about and a lot of exciting Draft Bernie announcements! Our amazing volunteer here in North Carolina, Kelley Lane has again offered to host our Bernstorm on July 29st @ 7pm. She and her husband will be hosting the event at their home located at 1544 Pathway Drive Carrboro, NC…

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A Movement of Beethoven for a People’s Party Movement

Come engage in the community-building act of playing or listening to music together while supporting the creation of a cohesive national progressive movement toward a third party. We will read music to suit the ability levels that present themselves and then listen to a talk by Dr. William Kildall, WA State Coordinator for DraftBernie for…

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Ralph Nader discusses the Draft Bernie movement with Nick Brana – 7/15/17

Ralph Nader discussed the Draft Bernie movement with Nick Brana on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Consumer rights champion and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader was impressed by our briefing for Bernie and invited Nick to discuss forming a people’s party on his radio show. https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/draft-bernieraising-minimum-wage/