Dr. Cornel West

Draft Bernie Town Hall Watch Party!

Come and watch Kshama Sawant, Dr. Cornel West and Nick Brana discuss the possibilities of creating a progressive 3rd Party at this live-stream viewing of the Draft Bernie Town Hall in Washington DC!

People’s Convergence Conference Town Hall Live Stream

This will be the San Diego gathering to watch the live stream of the People’s Convergence Conference Town Hall. This will be outdoors, so please be prepared for a little sunlight, and bring something to sit on. There is space for 50 people. This is the replacement event for both the musicians union hall, and…

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Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 8/31/17

Last night was our 25th national conference call, and on it we talked about final plans as we head into the People’s Convergence Conference on Sept. 8-10 at American University in Washington DC! Jimmy Dore and his whole crew will be coming. Additional speakers include Jackie Salit of Independent Voter, Bob Fitrakis and Dr. Paul Thomas who…

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Press Release: 50,000 Working People Petition Bernie Sanders to a Town Hall to Discuss Starting a New Party. Will he Attend?

For Immediate Release Aug. 30, 2017 Contact: Carol Ehrle | carol@draftbernie.org | (248) 808-4200 Media Team | media@draftbernie.org 50,000 Working People Petition Bernie Sanders to a Town Hall to Discuss Starting a New Party. Will he Attend? Washington D.C. — Two weeks ago, Draft Bernie for a People’s Party sent the following letter of invitation…

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Progressives Prepare to Serve Bernie Sanders Petition to Start New Party – The Observer

Writer Michael Sainato previews the Draft Bernie Town Hall and petition delivery to Senator Sanders’ office, and recounts the history of the Draft Bernie movement. You can read the article here.

Press Release: In Memory of Heather Heyer

  Last night we dedicated our state leads call to Heather Heyer, the compassionate young woman who was taken from us in Charlottesville. She lost her life in the same way that she lived it, opposing injustice and defending the human rights of others. Many supporters and friends of our movement were there. Dr. Cornel…

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Watch the Democracy Now interview with Dr. Cornel West and Draft Bernie’s Nick Braña

Just a day after endorsing the Draft Bernie campaign to convince Sen. Bernie Sanders to join the effort to bring about a new party,  Dr. Cornel West was joined by Draft Bernie founder Nick Braña on the set of Democracy Now news program to discuss why this movement is important and to announce its  next…

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