Building a Progressive People’s Party

Are you tired of the two party trap? If you are over: • Being told to vote for the lesser of two evils • Establishment-picked corporate candidates who do not represent your interests • The Democratic establishment shutting out progressives and doubling down on a failed strategy If you never want a repeat of 2016…

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A Movement of Beethoven for a People’s Party Movement

Come engage in the community-building act of playing or listening to music together while supporting the creation of a cohesive national progressive movement toward a third party. We will read music to suit the ability levels that present themselves and then listen to a talk by Dr. William Kildall, WA State Coordinator for DraftBernie for…

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Bernstorm at Donovan’s Irish Pub

Gather with local Bernie Sanders supporters and progressives to plan ways to move the Progressive Platform forward!  Come see how you can make a difference.  Donovan’s is at 7440 US-1, St. Augustine

People’s Summit 2017 Las Vegas Activist Review Bernstorm

Las Vegas DSA, Draft Bernie Nevada for a People’s Party, and Nevada for Healthcare-Now!, in association with Rights Society, invite you to join us for a review of The People’s Summit! Join us for light fare, refreshing beverages, and an evening of riveting discussion! We encourage all community leaders, activists, organizers, and citizens, regardless of…

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Draft Bernie Benson

Come on down to the Omaha Bicycle Company, get a cuppa convefe and learn what’s happening in the #DraftBernie Campaign. We created a real BUZZ at The People’s Summit and we’re just getting started! Come connect with your local Bernicrat pals and find out how you can help us #DraftBernie @ the fabulous: Omaha Bicycle…

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