Sen. Sanders Leaves the Door Open to a New People’s Party

Washington D.C. — (2/12/17) The Draft Bernie campaign was pleased to see Sen. Bernie Sanders leave the door open to starting a new people’s party in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press this morning.

When asked about starting a new party, the Senator responded that for the moment, his approach is to reform the Democratic Party. “Right now, Chuck, I am working to bring fundamental reform to the Democratic Party,” said Sanders.

Far from rejecting a new party, Sanders kept it on the table, as he has done many times before. For instance, in a C-SPAN interview in June of last year, Sanders told Steve Scully, “The action is going to be in the Democratic Party, or perhaps a third party . But the goal right now is to open up the Democratic Party to millions of people.” He reiterated this position in an interview with Amy Goodman in late November.

Sanders’ highest commitment is not to any particular political party, but to realizing progressive change for the working people of this country. That is why the senator always qualifies his remarks by saying that reforming the Democratic Party is his approach “right now,” not forever and always.

Sanders efforts since the election have sparked a conversation between reforming the Democratic Party and creating a new party. The American public has now answered that question with a resounding call for an independent alternative.

Gallup figures reveal that the number of Americans who identify as Democrats has fallen by a staggering 20 percent since the presidential election. That represents about 14 million Democrats who have gone independent since November.

The movement out of the establishment parties is a striking national referendum in favor of a new people’s party. A majority are now calling for a major third party.

Millions of hard-working Americans are joining Bernie Sanders as an independent. They are waiting for a leader like Sanders to unite them into a political force that can revolutionize the country. As a lifelong independent, Sanders is well aware of the option of starting a new party.

The launch of Draft Bernie for a People’s Party has been been met with a reawakening of the electric enthusiasm and hope that drove Sanders’ presidential campaign. Last year, Sanders called progressives to the political revolution. Now thousands of his supporters have joined to call him to a new people’s party.

Bernie is a man of the people. If we show him that we’re ready to found our own progressive party, he will listen.

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19 Replies to “Sen. Sanders Leaves the Door Open to a New People’s Party”

  1. This is the time, Bernie. The opportunity may never again be so fertile. Please don’t pass up up this opportunity which may never be repeated. Be America’s 21th Century Abraham Lincoln. Don’t disappoint millions. You are our only hope.

    1. I totally agree, Shelly Wallman. There is no one else that cares about people as much as Bernie. It’s never about him; he is always thinking about how he can make our lives better. I am 100% with you.

  2. Bernie,
    If you build it, they will come. I’m a life long, baby boomer Democrat that will gladly leave my party and campaign for progressive change. If you lead; me, my family, and my friends will follow.

  3. The Dems no longer have our backs.
    Ditch them while you can still save face.
    America needs you with a People’s Party.

  4. The citizens of this nation need an honest and unbiased new deal for our future Senator Sanders. We feel you are our best option. “The needs of the many, out weight the needs of the few”.

  5. I’m signing only because I think Bernie Sanders is the best man for the job, period. He’s proven that over the last thirty years — he is not beholden to corporations, has solid plans for ranking us higher in areas where other countries lead us, and actually seems to care about Americans. He has my vote. No one else in this oligarchical lobbyist paradise does. Good luck, Bernie. America needs you.

  6. Please help us to stand up for the feirness. We are ready for the change. We cannot do it without strong leader as yourself and you are our hope for a better life. With you we can eliminate corruption and decrease impact on the invironment. We do not have a power to stand up for ourself, this is why we need you. We need to be organized into party that has values representing our interests.
    Thank you for your spiritual strength and big hart.

  7. Why are we ramping up a new Cold War with Russia? No one wants this except for the military-industrial complex, and apparently the CIA. Please help, on this path that the USA is on things may go horribly wrong. Education, healthcare, and supporting seniors is much more important! Please help people just have a living wage, our military is so out of control. I don’t want to go kill ISIS wherever in the world they are -that will take all of our tax money and more, and will never end- never.

  8. I believe many of us, perhaps Bernie included, are waiting to see if the DNC will elect Keith Ellison as the party’s new chairperson (this Friday!).
    We’ll certainly know more by this weekend. Stay tuned!

    1. As Nick Brana has so eloquently stated over and over, it matters not one wit who the chair is. However, if Ellison is elected it will keep the wolves at bay long enough to lose another election cycle.

  9. I totally agree, Shelly Wallman. There is no one else that cares about people as much as Bernie. It’s never about him; he is always thinking about how he can make our lives better. I am 100% with you.


  11. The Democrats want to run Hillary again and we all know she will lose again. You would have won this time by a landslide. If the Dems won’t back you please form your own party.

  12. The Democratic Party has shown itself to be a clique which does not want to give any voice to Progressives. It’s the same old greedy cabal that’s run it for the last 40 years and didn’t learn a thing from the last election. Bernie, you were the legitimate nominee and behaved with honor when the party stole the nomination. It’s time to leave a sinking ship and form a new party in the tradition of FDR. You can do it and we love you! P.S. Bring the bird along as our symbol.

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