Houston, We Have Liftoff!

Draft Bernie has hit the ground running.

We believe that the case for starting a new people’s party with Bernie is much stronger than the case for trying to reform the Democrats again. That means that the bar for victory is set at simply spreading the word and striking up a conversation in the movement about which way we should go. So we’ve drawn up an action plan that will help us do just that this weekend.

Leading up to Saturday and the DNC chair announcement. (more…)

Nick Braña on the Real Progressives

Join us LIVE tonight with Nick Braña, former National Political Outreach Coordinator for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders 2015/2016 presidential campaign and now founder of the 3rd party Draft Bernie for a People's Party movement.Tonight: 8PM EST and 5PM PSThttps://draftbernie.org

Posted by Real Progressives on Friday, February 10, 2017

Oregonlive – 2/13/2017

Senator Bernie Sanders is still a hero to millions on the left, especially those disaffected with the Democratic Party. Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats but has always been an Independent, showed during the primary that he could galvanize passionate supporters but couldn’t capture the Democratic nomination. Sanders’ fans say he was treated unfairly and should just start his own party. Others think he should try to reform the Democrats. What do you think?
Should Bernie Sanders start his own political party?

Sen. Sanders Leaves the Door Open to a New People’s Party

Washington D.C. — (2/12/17) The Draft Bernie campaign was pleased to see Sen. Bernie Sanders leave the door open to starting a new people’s party in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press this morning.

When asked about starting a new party, the Senator responded that for the moment, his approach is to reform the Democratic Party. “Right now, Chuck, I am working to bring fundamental reform to the Democratic Party,” said Sanders.

Far from rejecting a new party, Sanders kept it on the table, as he has done many times before. (more…)