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Fair Courts Day of Action


Think our judges should be fair, independent, and removed from politics? Yeah, so do a vast majority of North Carolinians.

Unfortunately, politicians in Raleigh think differently. Top state lawmakers are trying to gain partisan control over the courts and rig the system in their favor. First, they canceled primary elections for judges, and now the politicians are planning to return in January 2018 to cancel judicial elections altogether and simply appoint their political friends to fill the bench and tilt the scales of justice in their favor. It’s outrageous.

It’s time to hold them accountable. The NCGA will be back in session on January 10th and we will be there.

Join the North Carolina NAACP, North Carolina Voters For Clean Elections (NCVCE), Democracy North Carolina, and Progress NC on January 10th for a day of action at the state legislature. We will kick off the day with a press conference in the Bicentennial Plaza, followed by a Citizens Lobby Day Of Action (lunch provided).

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