Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 9/21/17

Listen to our 28th weekly national conference call as we explain our next phase of our movement:  coalition building! Results of the People’s Convergence Conference in Washington, DC, Sept. 8 – 10, revealed almost unanimous agreement that we need a people’s party free of corporate control, and that no single existing organization is capable of seriously challenging the establishment parties. Therefore, the existing progressive groups need to build a coalition people’s party that will stand together as a voting bloc against the duopoly.

Steps to coalition building include identifying local progressive allies and holding discussions with them. Specific groups to target are local unions, campus and student groups, and political groups. In addition, progressive meetings can be centered around important local issues, such as convicted felons of nonviolent crimes losing their right to vote in Florida, Audit AZ, a group in Arizona battling election fraud, and fracking in local neighborhoods in Colorado. The national team will have resources and materials available to help you including templates, scripts, and training videos.

Join us as we begin coalition building! Network with local groups, establish trust, and work together for our common goal – a people’s party free of corporate control.