Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 8/31/17

Last night was our 25th national conference call, and on it we talked about final plans as we head into the People’s Convergence Conference on Sept. 8-10 at American University in Washington DC!

Jimmy Dore and his whole crew will be coming. Additional speakers include Jackie Salit of Independent Voter, Bob Fitrakis and Dr. Paul Thomas who will speak on election integrity issues, and Steve Grumbine, speaking about Modern Monetary Theory. We’ve had great coverage from IVN, Heywyre, Mike Figueredo, The Observer, the Washington Times and the LA Times.

This week marks our last big push to plan more Town Hall sister gatherings and post them on the Events map so we can send out radius emails and invite more people. Right now we have over 40; let’s double that amount during the next week! Bernie will be at two Labor Day events: one in New Hampshire and one in Vermont. We’ll have a large contingency of Draft Berners there to deliver our message that we need him at the Town Hall.

Continue to call Bernie’s office and send in the rest of your draft cards with a message to implore him to attend the Town Hall. If you haven’t done so yet, register at convergence2017.org. If you live in the area and are driving to the Convergence Conference, American University is providing free underground parking for the weekend. We hope to see everyone there!