Press Release: In Memory of Heather Heyer


Last night we dedicated our state leads call to Heather Heyer, the compassionate young woman who was taken from us in Charlottesville. She lost her life in the same way that she lived it, opposing injustice and defending the human rights of others.

Many supporters and friends of our movement were there. Dr. Cornel West was surrounded by white supremacists. Lee Camp stood just a few feet from the car that killed Heather. Kenny Shelton was arrested for protesting racism.

Rather than unequivocally condemning this act of terrorism and the bigotry that drove it, our president took the stage of the highest office in the land and gave license to white supremacy.

In our day, many political fights remain. But no society has the right to call itself civilized until people do not fear for their lives because of the color of their skin.

Heather was a casualty of the ongoing struggle for civil rights in our country. The world has lost a caring soul. But the memory of her life has stirred in millions the love and compassion that compelled her.