Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 8/3/17

Our 21st weekly Draft Bernie national conference call was a special two-hour marathon at which Nick announced two long-awaited events, a petition delivery to Bernie’s office Sept.8, along with the Town Hall featuring Dr. Cornell West Sept. 9!  Both are part of the three-day People’s Convergence Conference Sept. 8-10 at American University’s College of Law.  The Town Hall will feature Dr. West, Nick, Kshama Sawant and, hopefully, Bernie himself. The list of speakers is impressive, including Calvin Priest, Tim Black, Lee Camp and others  Please check the Conference website at convergence2017.org for detailed information about the speakers and tickets. More than 44,000 committed people in all 50 states have signed the petition, and Nick encourages us all to continue to get signatures before the big event, and to keep the pressure on Bernie to attend through calls, draft cards and social media. The conference will be live-streamed and Nick encourages volunteers to form sister gatherings in their own towns to watch the events and build local support.  Jackie McCaffery talked about her remarkable Twitter poll taken by more than 8,000 people in 24 hours, showing huge support for single payer healthcare.  Successful DB events were described, upcoming Bernstorms were listed, and Nick encouraged us all to enlist students to form DB chapters at their colleges and universities, citing a 2016 poll reflecting that 91% of people under 30 want a new party.  He closed by earnestly thanking all of the volunteers who have worked so hard to bring us to this point.