Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 7/27/17

Listen to our guest speaker, Bernie DNC delegate Paul Sasso, on the one-year anniversary of the rigged DNC. Paul talks about his experiences driving his Tesla Bern Machine around the country during the primary and attending the convention in Philadelphia where Hillary delegates were treated like royalty while Bernie delegates were shut down.  He ended his discussion by stating “next time we’ll have a people’s party convention!” Indeed, the time is NOW.  Nick emphasized that 57% of people want a people’s party and nearly half of voters are now Independents. The Democratic Party has made no moves to help working people. This week, Senator Chuck Schumer announced a party platform that is weaker than the one Hillary presented last year. On Wednesday, Nina Turner, who attempted to present a people’s platform to the DNC, had barricades placed in front of her so she couldn’t enter the building.

Let’s continue our efforts to build this party and convince Bernie that he needs to lead us! Continue sending in those draft cards; we’ve deluged Bernie’s offices with thousands. Hundreds of us calling into his offices this week and asking him to join our town hall and lead a people’s party have been met with a variety of responses. We’ll send out a DNC delegate video and letter to Bernie as a final way to commemorate the event that stole the nomination from him and delivered us Trump.  Check out our store at https://store.draftbernie.org/ for a new ‘Superhero’ shirt and other items to promote Draft Bernie.  Let’s continue to hold weekly events and build people’s party chapters across the country!