Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 7/13/17

Tonight we heard from two Draft Bernie field organizers. Jim Boydston, Regional leader in CA, former Bernie delegate at the DNC and opera singer, sang a Bernie version of a song from WWII. He also told his heartfelt story of why he supports DB. Then Mike Lucido, Regional leader in NY, spoke about two upcoming events in NY: A screening of Josh Fox’s new documentary,  Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock and his attendance at the MTV climate change Town Hall with Al Gore. The importance of holding or attending weekly events was emphasized as these would build a core group of people who would become a base for local chapters for the new people’s party. We can also build our base by forming coalitions with other groups. As our movement expands, we are always recruiting new volunteers in all states. If you’d like to join the DB movement, please email draftbernie@gmail.com and one of our state or regional leaders will contact you.