Listen to Our National Organizing Call – 4/6/ 2017

On this week’s call, we discussed our National Draft Bernie Day of Action for Saturday, April 30. Supporters across the country will be asking people to sign draft cards to Draft Bernie for a People’s Party and then mailing them to Senator Sanders. Draft Cards will be available for sale on the website soon! State Organizing leaders Amy Buchanan from Nebraska and Jon Sidote from New Jersey shared why they have stepped up to lead the Draft Bernie movement in their states and what they are doing to build a volunteer base and get signatures for the petition to Draft Bernie. Portia Boulger presented her concerns for the nation and our political system and gave us an update on what she has been doing since her famous video went viral at the Democratic Convention. Draft Bernie founder Nick Brana updated everyone on exciting new developments that are coming and responded to calls and comments to close things out. Click the link below to checkout the call archive.

National Organizing Call- 4/6/2017