Houston, We Have Liftoff!

Draft Bernie has hit the ground running.

We believe that the case for starting a new people’s party with Bernie is much stronger than the case for trying to reform the Democrats again. That means that the bar for victory is set at simply spreading the word and striking up a conversation in the movement about which way we should go. So we’ve drawn up an action plan that will help us do just that this weekend.

Leading up to Saturday and the DNC chair announcement.

  1. Join and share our ThunderClap. Let’s take Draft Bernie trending nationwide. Be sure to link both your Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Invite all of your progressive friends to our social media pages.
  3. Sign our petition to Bernie, which will be delivered to his Senate office and livestreamed.
  4. Sign up to volunteer on our website.
  5. Pledge a donation to the new party that will only go through if and when Bernie founds it.
  6. Put your creative skills to work making memes or short videos for us to share this weekend. Message our Facebook page with them and tweet them to us.
  7. Make the graphics below your banner and profile picture and share them.
  8. Share our articles and interviews with fellow progressives.

On Saturday and Sunday following the DNC chair announcement.

  1. Share our Facebook and Twitter posts as much as possible. Post in support and tag your friends. Use our hashtags everywhere. Let’s take the establishment down in a blaze of social media glory!
  2. Refer everyone to our petition and CrowdPAC.
  3. We will email further updates after the DNC results are announced.

We’ll also be updating this Weekend of Action document before and after Saturday as events unfold. Keep an eye out for the latest.

We’re looking forward to taking down the establishment with you!